• Craftsmanship and technology,
    for design that retains its value over time.

The products in the JEMA Design collection are the result of a concentration of passion, research, dedication, a careful selection of quality materials, and a love for design.

Our attention to detail at every stage of the production process, typical of handcrafted skilled work, and the use of hi-tech equipment are what allow us to create timeless furniture, personalising spaces with shapes and colours that offer something new every time.

The entire production cycle takes place within the company, including handling and shaping the fire-proof polyurethane foam. Highly specialist workers and sophisticated machinery competently ensure the high-quality functional and aesthetic characteristics of each and every product.
Our quest for original solutions and new materials means we can offer innovation and style, guaranteeing a high standard of quality and comfort: pouffes, benches and tables, all made with exclusively high-quality materials.

The handcrafted aspect of our work comes through in the details, as well as in our specialist approach, the personality of our products and our experimentation with new ideas, together with our sample range of finishes that is constantly being updated.

Our vast range of models and materials – all state of the art, thanks to the skills of our expert workers and cutting edge technology – in addition to exclusive hand-stitched finishes and technological production lines are what allow us to create unique products, 100% made in Italy.

Product customisation is one of the main characteristics of the JEMA Design brand.

The JEMA Design philosophy brings together the precision offered by machinery and the manual skill of highly specialist craftspeople, offering a quality end product which retains its value over time.

We use machinery with a high-pressure water jet capable of creating any cut or shape to make our tables; this guarantees maximum precision for corners and curves.

Our upholstery line, on the other hand, which includes an infinite range of fabrics and leathers for benches and pouffes, is the creative part of the collection.

All of our production techniques are implemented with scrupulous attention to the environment and eco-sustainability, respecting both man and nature.

The natural materials we use are treated in a clean environment. We do not use any oils or greases. Our technology and expertise are oriented towards saving raw materials and respecting the environment.