• Metal

Metal is the material we use to create our sleek frames with a minimalist design. It is available in different colours and is chosen and processed to ensure the final look is linear, and the seat strong, stable and resistant.

The industrial epoxy powder coating is in line with our eco-sustainability policy for production: given that no solvents are released into the waste water and the powder used during processing is entirely salvaged, this means that no substances harmful/damaging to humans or the environment are released.

The powder coating also provides energy savings and guarantees that there are no toxic solvents, gaseous or other emissions into the atmosphere and, in general, no substances harmful to human health.

Alveolar aluminium

With the introduction of the Groove bench, we are the first furniture company to have included alveolar aluminium in our products, a material normally found in the aeronautics, aerospace, transport and naval sectors.

The technical characteristics of this material have allowed us to create resistant yet lightweight products.
Alveolar aluminium is an innovative solution in the furniture sector, boasting an ample range of properties and characteristics:

  • light
  • rigid
  • fire resistant
  • resistant to compression
  • resistant to cuts
  • resistant to corrosion
  • planar
  • water resistant

Finishes in alveolar aluminium

Metal Dust
The metallic effect of this finish adds a touch of luxury to any space, adapting perfectly to refined and elegant compositions.

Metal Raw
This finish echoing oxidised metals adapts particularly well to spaces with a sophisticated feel, adding an important touch of beauty.

Evoking the texture of a quarry stone, this finish adapts particularly well to minimalist spaces where the materials used are what make the difference.

Brushed Stone
The satin-metal effect has great visual appeal and is extremely technical; it creates a pattern of reflections and light effects, perfect for minimalist spaces.

This finish mimics slate shale, to create a modern, soothing effect, perfect for furniture used to create comfortable, relaxing spaces.


All finishes in alveolar aluminium are obtained mixing epoxy powder coatings in different colours.

We use clear and matt powder coatings to emphasise the chiaroscuro effect and make the colour more resistant to abrasion.


Lava stone brushed 403
Rock grafite 305
Metal row iron 102
Metal raw corten 101