• Marble

Marble is the noble stone par excellence, originating from former rocks which, following significant changes in their physical state, have undergone modifications to their crystalline structure such as to be transformed into a completely different type of rock. The veins and colouring, as well as the texture and extraordinary visuals all contribute to giving each slab a unique look all of its own.
Among the numerous existing types, which differ in colour and structure, JEMA Design offers two: White Carrara and Nero Marquina.

With a pure, elegant texture and imagery tied to the past, white Carrara marble is distinguished by its unique, practically flawless property. Slabs contain a pearly-white base which sometimes features thin grey veining that does not in any way detract from its beauty.
Nero Marquina is, on the other hand, bold and modern in character, with a compact black rock base decorated with white or grey mottling of varying intensity that runs across the rock diagonally in an irregular pattern.


Each different type of marble is processed in a different way, according to what best suits the composition of the material, i.e. its hardness and subsequent use.

Polishing is the most typical finish, adding shine to the surface after it has been smoothed. This finish is not generally recommended for outdoor furniture as it is delicate and deteriorates easily if exposed to the elements.

To achieve a smooth surface effect without making the surface delicate, we recommend smoothing: this surface finish shaves the top to create a smooth, matt look.

Sandblasting involves smoothing the slabs using a jet of water mixed with sand blasted via a nozzle offering adjustable speed. It creates a finely rough surface with an aged look.

Bush hammering
Bush hammering is a technique used to give the slab a sculpted look, creating a surface with a punctiform pattern of indentations and relief, and an overall ultra-rough look.

Rolling creates an even, linear finish.

Bianco Carrara
Nero Marquina