• Laminam

Laminam is an innovative and revolutionary ceramic sheet that comes in different thicknesses: 5+3 mm and 12 mm, and is made exclusively in Italy.

Ceramic is well-known as a quality material for its natural resistance to fire, corrosive chemicals, heat and ice, as well as for its hygienic properties and easy maintenance.

Laminam offers technological innovation, guaranteeing that the characteristics and colour of the sheets do not change. This feature makes the material suitable for use indoors in residential and commercial spaces, as well as outdoors, as it does not change over time, even if exposed to weathering.

Organised into collections inspired by materials like cement, marble and iron, Laminam ceramics combine traditional appeal and contemporary design.

Laminam sheets, made using select natural raw materials, are baked at high temperatures of approximately 1250°C, so as to develop oxides that give the surface a lightly dotted texture, creating a quarried stone effect.

The environmental aspect is also not forgotten with Laminam: natural raw materials, sustainable production technology and fully recyclable products.


Resistance to chemical erosion
Laminam is resistant to organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants and detergents. It is extremely easy to clean and the surface characteristics remain unaltered; the only product that can harm this material is hydrofluoric acid.

Resistance to wear
Laminam is resistant to scratches and deep abrasion. Its properties remain unaltered even after intensive use and frequent cleaning.

Environment and recycling
Laminam is a completely natural product. It does not release any substances into the environment and it can easily be ground and fully recycled in other production processes.

Laminam is the first anti-graffiti ceramic surface; it can be cleaned easily and is not damaged even by the toughest paints.

High resistance to bending
Laminam has a high breaking point.

Resistance to freezing
Thanks to an average water absorption of 0.1%, Laminam is resistant to frost and adapts to all climatic conditions.

Fire resistance
Laminam does not contain organic materials and is therefore resistant to fire and high temperatures. In case of fire, it does not release smoke and does not emit toxic substances.

Hygienic surface
Laminam is fully compatible with foodstuffs as it does not release elements in solution. It does not allow mould, bacteria or fungi to grow.

Chromatic properties
Laminam is free from organic pigments and resists UV rays. Its colours do not alter in any way, even when exposed to changes in weather conditions.

Calce collection

Pale shades and delicate hues for this collection inspired by wet plaster and industrial cement. Soft materials with bold contemporary character, symbols of a carefully studied design.


Cava Collection

A new architectural concept with authentic appeal. The Cava collection is a window to the world of natural caves, bringing to light elegant details and natural veins that closely echo reality.

Bianco Statuario Venato Opaco
Calacatta Oro Venato Lucidato
Diamond Cream Opaco/ Diamond Cream Lucidato
Nero Greco Opaco
Noir Desir Lucidato/Noir Desir Opaco
Orobico Grigio Opaco

Ossido collection

Unusual materials take on new meaning, generating unexpected visuals. From authentic ironworking tradition comes the Ossido collection: textures bringing together technology and art.

Ossido Bruno
Ossido Nero

Seta collection

Just like one of the oldest and most luxurious fabrics, the Seta collection in silk glimmers with the same lustre and dresses interiors and exteriors with style and character. The four colours that make up the range share a common strength in the form of their uniquely delicate qualities.