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JEMA Design furniture

JEMA Design was born from the intuition of two young interior designers, Jenny and Marco Presotto, born and bred within a manufacturing company that has made the history of the furniture business in Italy, and continues to do so today.

It was direct contact with the furniture sector, together with the idea that the feel of a living space cannot be created solely with large pieces of furniture, that brought the pair together and helped them to create their business, dedicated exclusively to smaller items of furniture and furnishings.

The decision to opt for refined and minimalist designs, the careful selection of fine raw materials, and the attentive and informed use of skilled processing techniques, all strictly made in Italy, are what make up the body of this brand.

JEMA Design has a two-track furniture line: for the indoors and the outdoors. This is designed and implemented taking into account the most varied and eclectic needs when it comes to creating harmonious, comfortable spaces, whether it be a large garden or a small oasis on a city apartment terrace.

There are two main concepts behind the project: the neutrality and permeability of shape and the centrality of the item of furniture within the context of the living space.

Even though these elements seemingly contradict each another, JEMA Design shows that this is not the case: the company’s mission is turning on its head the idea that a table, chair or pouffe is just a functional item.

A small piece of furniture, when designed and created by expert hands, can transform into the focal point of any room, fitting seamlessly into the existing composition and complementing the other furnishings. A sophisticated design, rich raw materials and clean lines all ensure that the piece of furniture can be moved easily into other spaces too atmospheres, enriching the feel and bringing a new lease of life.

The permeability of the furniture’s shape is the key concept behind our corporate philosophy.

The JEMA Design collection is in reality for both indoor and outdoor spaces and has been entirely designed in such a way that the end user can create a personalised piece of furniture.

The design that runs through the collection evokes a living space poised between modernity and tradition.

Each and every piece of furniture carries through the concepts at the heart of the company’s philosophy: research into the materials that stem from tradition and transform through innovative textures, minimalist lines, and soft and inviting variations in colour.

Each piece of furniture stems from the idea of giving expression to a design that makes us feel something, giving new life to the living space. This idea of design produces creations which sit comfortably alongside a variety of different furnishing solutions.

With JEMA Design, luxury, quality and made-in-Italy design slip effortlessly into our daily lives, creating happy memories.